Dear Online Apparel Retailers,

Things you can do to make me buy more clothes from your site:

1. Offer free shipping.

This is not exclusive to apparel. Free shipping makes people buy more of anything.

2. Don’t take pictures of light clothing on a white background.

To be safe, don’t use a white background for any pictures. If I’m going to buy it, I need to be able to see it clearly. 

3. Allow me to sort and filter listings as much as possible.

Sorting by price and filtering by size are both absolute musts. No excuses.

4. When you list things as “on sale,” put them on sale!

I love your brand and thus, I frequent your site, so don’t try to fool me: That sweater’s been the same “sale” price for a solid month.

5. Encourage reviews.

Buying clothes online is risky business. Make it a little easier on me by encouraging those who have already purchased the item to review it so I can feel more comfortable buying my own.

1 comment
  1. i agree! especially with number 1 and number 5- that would totally make me want to risk more online clothes purchases

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