Marie Claire Does Beauty

I am usually a shower-and-mascara kind of woman, but I have recently been enlightened as to the benefits of a beauty regime. (Plus, who doesn’t want to refer to their “beauty regime”?)

Thus, I have set out to learn what that entails. Yesterday, I picked up a few books at the library, and I plan to give you guys a quick review as I read them in the event that any one else out there is in the same boat as me. (And if you’re not, please give me some tips!!)


The first book I looked at was Gorgeous Face & Beatiful Body: A Guide to Total Skin Care by the people at Marie Claire.

In short:  While I did learn some valuable information, it wasn’t as much as I would’ve hoped from 188 pages. Borrow > buy.

What I learned: 

  • Those of us with dry skin should consider using no-rinse facial cleansers and oily night creams.
  • Take your makeup off at night (no excuses!). Not doing so can speed up aging (eep!)
  • When using an exfoliating body scrub, work up the legs, not down. Don’t exfoliate more than once a week (oops…).
  • Take a lesson from the Japanese: emphasize vegetables (especially seaweeds), healthy protein (fish and soy) and starchy carbs (brown rice  and sweet potatoes) in your diet.
  • Make sure you’re getting enough magnesium (critical for energy and numerous physiological functions), which can be depleted by stress.

What I’d change:

  • I was looking for specific beauty tips (what to do and what products to do it with), and this book seemed heavier on general beauty knowledge (layers of skin, types of melanin). However, if you’re into the science behind beauty, you’ll likely find this an interesting read.
  • I know Marie Claire is a magazine, but what I will call the over-formatting (ie., the array of fonts and type sizes, the frequent use of bold and italics, and busy page layout) of this book made it fairly hard for me to digest its content.
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