From a former English major

I (finally) recently got a card for the library system in my new city. Then I proceeded to just sit there for a while soaking up the peace that is always inherent for me within the walls of a library.

Some facts about me:

1. As a child, I had my library card number memorized. I still have that library card number memorized (even though I no longer have that card).

2. My first boyfriend and I met every day at the library and spent hours there. My husband (different guy) was also an English major back in college.

3. My all-time favorite book, Lirael by Garth Nix, features the most magnificent library that has ever been conceptualized. If it were real, I would be there right now.

1 comment
  1. Fell in love with the library when I was 7 and been in love since..:) Not an English major but a book lover.

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