Bar Review: Think Thin Chunky Peanut Butter

Truth: I think putting food in bar form makes it so much better.

I could absolutely live on protein/energy/granola bars, and I thought given the price of some of the bars out there, you might appreciate it if I try before you buy.

Think Thin bars are new to me, but with the help of a great coupon, a sale, and a Whole Foods case discount, I couldn’t pass them up.

As you can see, I chose the Chunky Peanut Butter flavor. (I was hoping to find the Cookies & Creme flavor, but they didn’t have it. No worries, though–I love peanut butter.)

That being said, I must caution you: When you bite into this bar, do so without expectations. It is not a Reese’s.

Fortunately, it does taste of chocolate and (more vaguely) peanuts, with the bonus of 20 grams of protein powder.

I don’t personally find  protein bars especially satiating (these bars lasted me approximately an hour), so I wouldn’t recommend using it as a meal replacement. Thumbs up for a snack, though.

Overall: I wouldn’t pay full price for these, but I would certainly eat them again if they were $0.35 before tax!

I would also like to try other flavors (remember that Cookies & Creme?!) because in my experience, you can’t judge a line of bars by only trying one flavor.


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