A Fabulous Life Choice: Cookies & Cream Energy Bar Review

A lot of people like to say that energy bars are glorified candy bars.

I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, especially if a bar can have candy bar taste + some added nutritional benefits.

This bar (Life Choice Cookies & Cream Energy Bar) is exactly what I’m talking about.

One bite in, I had to stop myself from saying, “Wow” out loud. It is delicious, with the taste–and consistency!–of cookie dough (yes, dough, not cream) wrapped in a yogurt coating.

Probably the best tasting bar I have ever eaten.

And I have eaten a lot of bars.

Eating this bar feels absolutely decadent.

With a price tag of 70-odd cents at Walmart, I say it’s time to treat yo self.

  1. yum!! i’ve never seen that bar… i want it now! i’ll be on the lookout!

    • Lisa said:

      Awesome. Let me know what you think when you find it!

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