Look what I found: Lily Boutique

One of my favorite fashion blogs, Kendi Everyday, is hosting a giveaway for a new-to-me online boutique, Lily Boutique.

Once I took a look at their offerings, I knew I had to share! So here are my favorites:

Jailbird Black and Ivory Striped Dress,* $31

*this one is my very favorite of all

Button Brigade Jacket, $31

Black and White Stripe Crossover Blazer with Gold Buttons, $30

Nautical Stripe Belted High Waist Skirt, $26

Tulle Flower Trim Strapless Dress, $35

I have a feeling that first dress may be showing up in my closet soon…

  1. Gloria said:

    Wow…I seriously love that last dress and may need to order one for myself…

    Thanks for sharing the site!

    • Lisa said:

      No problem! It’s a perfect one for the wedding season…when you’re not being a bridesmaid, that is. 🙂

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