Grateful Monday

Last night I read several articles that all suggested using gratefulness as a means of stress relief. I think that’s a great idea, not only for stress relief, but also for perspective, so I have dubbed this Grateful Monday, and I present to you my top five:

1. My husband – for the endless supply of massages, for listening to my very long-winded discourses on life and society, and for making gum runs when I am anxious and need some way to funnel my restlessness

2. My mom – who has actually become one of my closest friends, who is the only non-local person I manage to talk to on a regular basis (the key to achieving this being calling me…a lot), and who’s perseverance in facing her fears inspires and challenges me

3. Starbucks White Hot Chocolate with extra whipped cream – my comfort food of choice this weekend (but only because I had a gift card. $3.50 is too much to pay for a drink on a regular basis!)

4. The lighting in my house when it snows – I wish it would never snow, but if it has to, like today, at least there is a little aesthetic benefit thanks to my windows!

5. Bon Iver – specifically the song “Holocene,” but really the whole self-titled album. Let’s be honest, I am always grateful for Bon Iver (they are my absolute favorite band).


Okay, you’re turn: What’re you grateful for today?

  1. caloricandcrazy said:

    Hi Lisa, I sent you an e-mail to this email address: But I’m not sure if you got it. (It was about getting your mailing address so I could send you the snapea crisps). Could you please e-mail me as soon as your able to? (You should be able to see my email when you check your WordPress dashboard). Thanks!!

  2. Rachel said:

    gah, the way i feel when i listen to “perth”–especially when everything stops and the drums get INTENSE–cannot be described…speaking of, did you check out the AIR session?

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