Grateful Monday (3)

See! Even Health thinks Grateful Monday is a good idea. 😉

And with that endorsement, here’s what I am grateful for today:

1. Hot showers – My favorite temperature is approximately 81 degrees Fahrenheit, but paying a heating bill to maintain that temperature in my house would be prohibitive. I am positive, however, that my bathroom hits that temperature when I take a shower. It’s wonderful, and I always feel so refreshed afterward.

2. Flowers from Trader Joe’s – I don’t see the point in shelling out a lot of cash for flowers as a present (unless maybe they are a living plant…and even then, I’m still not sure how I feel about it), but as I’ve said before, I think Trader Joe’s has beautiful, cheery bouquets. My husband surprised me with one tonight as a congratulations-for-completing-your-first-day-of-work present.

3. Basic human kindness – Being new is hard. Change is hard. Facing the unknown is very hard. Aren’t we lucky there are plenty of humans on Earth who are willing to help someone else out, be it via a friendly word of advice, an encouraging text, or even a guided trip to the office supply room? I know I am.

4. Sleep – I am hoping to get some tonight, so I had better finish this post so that I can compete my last final of the quarter and send it in!

1 comment
  1. How intriguing! 😀

    By the way, as a huge fan of flowers in the home, I concur. 🙂

    Here is what I am most grateful for today: life. My cousin was murdered today. So severe was the situation that it ended up as the top story on the 5:00 news. As I spent most of my day in the hospital with my family, I was able to really think about what I believe in, how that comes off to other people, and how sincerely I take my own personal walk with God. Isn’t it funny how death and shock make people want to cling to something hopeful and positive? Even how we evaluate the concept of “God” and people and how to respond with or without compassion comes to head when curve balls get thrown.

    It was mentioned more than once today (I mean, I have a HUGE family), but it’s too bad that it takes major body blows for healing to come or salvation to take place.

    Tonight, I get to turn off the lights in my room and sleep in my bed. Though my life is not perfect, I face major obstacles, and things can get incredibly difficult, I’m still here, and in my own way, I am grateful for that.


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