Things I bought that I love

Credit to Mindy Kaling, of course, for today’s post title.

And yes, these are all from Forever 21. Let’s be honest, I am pretty much a walking advertisement for them at this point. 😉

Twill Skinny Pants in charcoal

Although I don’t really find myself getting into neon or pastel jeans, I adore grey, and these pants are the perfect way to showcase that.

Essential Ankle Pants in black

Pants of this type are just so classy and chic, I think. Now I just need to buy more heels…

Vintaged Skinny Jeans in medium denim

I needed more jeans, but I was wary of this color when I ordered them. I try to stick wish darker washes for a more mature look, but these looked great and don’t feel to “young” at all. I’m glad I bought them.

Lace Moto Jacket in cream

This picture does not do the item justice. I absolutely love this jacket and bought it the first day the collection was announced. No surprise there, though: it is made of lace after all.

Now I am in the market for a pair of boots with minimal heel. Any suggestions?

  1. Rachel W. said:

    fancy boots or not-fancy boots? i picked up some faded dark blue round-toe boots at target that i love a few months ago. i also picked up my first pair of cowboy boots (dark red) at an “army-family” surplus store a few weeks ago for like $20.

    • Lisa said:

      Um…classy boots? I already have a pair of cowboy boots, but I am looking more for black or brown faux/leather boots that would look good over skinnies and such.

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