Hey, remember that beauty book review series I started a few weeks ago? It’s still going (relatively) strong!

Today’s book is Rescue Your Nails by Rescue Beauty Lounge founder Ji Baek.

In short:  Informative and comprehensive; a book I will certainly want to refer to in the future. Buy it for your library.

What I learned:

  • Make a point to file your nails weekly, regardless of length or perceived strength.
  • Don’t do fake nails. I mean, you can, but there are so many (bacterial!) risks, that in my opinion, it’s not worth the upkeep.
  • You should be able to sterilize all of your nail care tools and should absolutely do so, even if you are the only one using them.
  • Add a layer of topcoat every other day to preserve a manicure.
  • Always use base coat to prevent your polish’s pigment from discoloring your nails. If your nails are already discolored, you can improve their situation with lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide.

What I’d change:

  • I wasn’t particularly interested in the stories that introduced most of the topics. Maybe it’s the business person in me, but when I am reading nonfiction, I want the author to get to the point!

Ps. I used some of the techniques described in the book for my latest manicure, and it was still going strong over a week later!!