1. Hold the mayo…and mix your tuna with cottage cheese (I use 4% for extra creaminess).

Source, source

This is not a health tip–thanks to a weird craving today, I discover that it tastes way better than my usual tuna+mayo mixture! And I really like mayo, so that’s saying a lot.


2. High-low skirts…are actually super flattering and fun. I highly recommend you try one.

In case you’re wondering, I just bought this one.


3. Ordering things online > buying things at the store.

Putting aside all of the logical reasons, online shopping means presents at your doorstep. ‘Nuff said.


I like to sign up for free samples, especially those of the dessert/bar/cereal variety (shocking, I know). A few weeks ago, I received one full-sized Fiber One: 90 Calorie Chocolate Bar sample in the mail.

Honestly, I had forgotten I signed up for it, so it was a great surprise.

The best way I can describe this bar is a very chewy Rice Krispie treat (with choco chips).

It was on the smaller side as far as bars go, but given that it’s only 90 calories, that makes sense.

Overall, it was good but not great. It would probably be a good option if you are looking for a low-calorie snack with a bit of chocolate and the additional bonus of 5g of fiber.

Knowing me, I think I would like the peanut butter version even more…if anyone wants to send me a free sample of that! 😉

Thanks to another coupon, I was introduced to a new (to me) bar: the Think Thin White Chocolate Dipped Mixed Nuts Crunch Bar.

White chocolate is my favorite kind of chocolate, so I was pretty excited about these.

One tip: Don’t eat this bar for the first time shortly after consuming a White Hot Chocolate with Extra Whip + Hershey’s Bliss White Chocolates. You will only taste the nuts.

However, if you consume it in any other situation, the nuts are complimented by a light white chocolate taste. It’s really quite pleasant, tasting more like a cereal bar than a protein bar, which is always a plus.

I mean, I wouldn’t complain if they increased the amount of white chocolate, but that kind of goes without saying…


So when I first discovered Life Choice bars, I decided to sample quite a few. I’ve already blogged about two of my favorites, Cookies & Cream and White Chocolate Pretzel, but I thought I would update those of you who are interested in the rest of the Life Choice bars I sampled.

Life Choice Protein: Peanut Butter Extreme

Bottom line: It tastes like a protein bar. My husband was running out the door without breakfast when I was trying this bar, and I gave the rest to him. Not bad, but not nearly as amazing in taste and texture as my prized Cookies & Cream.

Life Choice Meal Bar: Peanut Butter Crunch

Bottom line: Have you ever noticed the difference when something has peanut butter in it (nuttier taste) and when it’s peanut butter flavored (sweeter taste)? This bar is definitely peanut butter flavored.

It actually reminded me of the South Beach Living Peanut Butter Protein Cereal Bars, which I have been a longtime fan of (Ps. They don’t seem to be around anymore. Does anyone know why???). Like but not love.

Life Choice Wellness Bar: Double Peanut

Bottom line: This is basically the Peanut Butter Crunch bar with an extra layer of peanut butter, a.k.a. even more win! My favorite of the three, but still not as good as the previous their Cookies & Cream and White Chocolate counterparts.

White chocolate + pretzels is a winning combination.

So is peach fruit snacks + pretzels, but that is a story for another day.

Remember my beloved Life Choice Cookies & Cream Energy Bars? I actually bought all of the flavors that sounded good to try, so there will be even more eye-opening Life Choice posts!

I know I’m excited..

Anywho, the next bar on the docket is the Life Choice White Chocolate Pretzel Meal Bar, my second favorite bar of the bunch.

As a meal bar (whatever that means), it’s pretty big, which is satisfying, and since it’s contains pretzels, not just rice, it’s meatier than comparable coated bars.

You actually have to work to chew this thing!

Yeah, and also it’s pretty delicious.

The coating really does taste like white chocolate, and with the pretzels mentioned earlier, the combo is complete!

I, personally, wouldn’t use this bar as an entire meal, but I think it’d make a superb post-workout snack (any kind of snack really) or maybe even part of a meal…especially if you like bars as much as I do.

I say go pick one up along with the three Cookies & Cream bars you have on your grocery list already.

A lot of people like to say that energy bars are glorified candy bars.

I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, especially if a bar can have candy bar taste + some added nutritional benefits.

This bar (Life Choice Cookies & Cream Energy Bar) is exactly what I’m talking about.

One bite in, I had to stop myself from saying, “Wow” out loud. It is delicious, with the taste–and consistency!–of cookie dough (yes, dough, not cream) wrapped in a yogurt coating.

Probably the best tasting bar I have ever eaten.

And I have eaten a lot of bars.

Eating this bar feels absolutely decadent.

With a price tag of 70-odd cents at Walmart, I say it’s time to treat yo self.