1. Hold the mayo…and mix your tuna with cottage cheese (I use 4% for extra creaminess).

Source, source

This is not a health tip–thanks to a weird craving today, I discover that it tastes way better than my usual tuna+mayo mixture! And I really like mayo, so that’s saying a lot.


2. High-low skirts…are actually super flattering and fun. I highly recommend you try one.

In case you’re wondering, I just bought this one.


3. Ordering things online > buying things at the store.

Putting aside all of the logical reasons, online shopping means presents at your doorstep. ‘Nuff said.


Credit to Mindy Kaling, of course, for today’s post title.

And yes, these are all from Forever 21. Let’s be honest, I am pretty much a walking advertisement for them at this point. 😉

Twill Skinny Pants in charcoal

Although I don’t really find myself getting into neon or pastel jeans, I adore grey, and these pants are the perfect way to showcase that.

Essential Ankle Pants in black

Pants of this type are just so classy and chic, I think. Now I just need to buy more heels…

Vintaged Skinny Jeans in medium denim

I needed more jeans, but I was wary of this color when I ordered them. I try to stick wish darker washes for a more mature look, but these looked great and don’t feel to “young” at all. I’m glad I bought them.

Lace Moto Jacket in cream

This picture does not do the item justice. I absolutely love this jacket and bought it the first day the collection was announced. No surprise there, though: it is made of lace after all.

Now I am in the market for a pair of boots with minimal heel. Any suggestions?

How did I just find out about this show?

[image source]

The Fashion Fund, the most true-to-life designer competition show I have yet seen.

Filmed in a documentary style (which I love), The Fashion Fund feature both big names (think Wintour, Lyons, and Von Furstenberg) as well as the ten finalists competing for the Vogue/CFDA Fashion Fund grants and mentorship to help grow their established businesses.

There are only two episodes out so far, but I can already tell it will be fabulous and insightful.